April 11th - May 5th

Tulip Festival 2020


What activities are there?

Spectacular to visit

The tulip fields are a feast for the eyes!

With over 2000 hectares of bulb fields, Noordoostpolder is one of the Netherlands’ largest flower bulb cultivation regions. In spring, the tulip fields burst into a colourful feast for the eye and are simply spectacular to visit.

The highlight of Noordoostpolder’s tulip season is the Profytodsd Tulip Festival, which runs from mid April to the beginning of May. During the Tulip Festival you can follow specific walking, cycling or car routes that will lead you past the various tulip fields. This is complemented by a full range of fun activities and a number of companies located along the tulip route who open their doors to welcome visitors.

By car, bicycle or on foot

Whether you prefer the car, to walk or to cycle, there are various routes laid out to choose from that display our blooming tulips at their very best. The car route also leads you on to the tulip information centre and the Tulip Experience field, which offers a wealth of activities to explore. And if you fancy a break, there are plenty of opportunities to stop at one of the many restaurants en route for something to eat or drink.

TF 2017 - Bjorn Wichers
Along the route

Plenty of enjoyable activities take place during the Profytodsd Tulip Festival

There’s a whole list of tulip activities, with something fun to do for everyone. For example, visit the Tulip Experience field boasting around 500 varieties of tulip, walk or have a picnic among the tulips, try your hand at your own tulip painting or take a selfie in one of the selfie fields. You can go flat out and do just about anything you like here. How about a helicopter flight skimming over the beautiful fields of colourful tulips?

Are the tulips already blooming?
Tulips are amazingly photogenic; however they are of course plants and we cannot guarantee that they’ll all be blooming at exactly the same moment. They are subject to many controlling factors, not least the weather, so please remember to take this into account. Keep an eye on our website and social media for all the latest news.

Endlessly popular

The history of the Tulip

Originally from Turkey, Tulips weren’t introduced to the Netherlands until the sixteenth century. The word tulip comes from the Latin word tulipa, the flower that looks like a turban.

The tulip arrived in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century. Botanist Carolus Clusius played a key role in the process, as it was via his network the tulips came to the attention of many prosperous citizens. By the seventeenth century the tulip had become so popular that it sat at the eye of a wild speculative trading storm. At the time, a great deal of cash was paid for even a single tulip…

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