Onderduikerspad 11
8311 PX  Espel

From: 13-04-2024
To: 05-05-2024


Henk van Drie from Emmeloord is a tulip enthusiast at heart. For 35 years he has been collecting tulips in his specimen garden. He now has 1850 varieties. Every year, he plants and lifts the tulips by hand, a time-consuming task in which he is assisted by a number of volunteers.

In Henk’s species garden you can find new but also very old unique varieties. Each year the collection is supplemented with a number of varieties. An address with which there is ‘exchange’ is the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen. By growing the old unique varieties on 2 locations, the risk of a hailstorm, heavy rainfall or mice infestation is spread.

A very old tulip, for example, is Lac van Rijn. Baptized in 1620, this tulip has flowered more than 400 times. In the species garden you will also find about 100 so-called primal tulips or botanical tulips. These are the uncultivated or improved tulips. These tulips can also be found in the wild around Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc, the countries of origin.


Address: Near the Onderduikerspad 11 in Espel
Entrance: Free gift