From: 19-04-2024
To: 05-05-2024

This edition of the Tulip Festival 2024 will again be brightened up with tulip mosaics. Each village in the Noordoostpoler has worked with its volunteers to create a beautiful artwork of tulips.

The mosaic is in a prominent place in each village so that it can be admired along the way. The theme this year is “Let’s Dance!”; so that theme is reflected in the various mosaics.

Right from the turn of the year, or sometimes even earlier, creative locals work together to come up with a beautiful design, fitting the theme.

But only shortly before the start of the Tulipfestival, they can start with the real making of the mosaics. After all, they have to wait until the tulips are in bloom.
With the freshly cutted tulips, the mosaic can be build up and then the design really comes alive.

With good reason, it may then be placed in a beautiful spot in the village, so that the many visitors can admire the artwork along the way.