From: 16-04-2022
To: 08-05-2022
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In addition to the car route, a cycling route has also been mapped out. This year the Specsavers cycling route is 40 km long and while cycling this route you won’t only pass beautiful tulip fields, because in this part of the Noordoostpolder there’s also a lot of fruit growing. With a bit of luck, the fruit trees will be in bloom and, in addition to the tulips, you will also enjoy the beautiful blossoms along the route.

You will also pass historically interesting places such as Oud Kraggenburg, the former island of Schokland and the look-out point Pier-en-Horizon. The Specsavers bike route is 40 km long this year, and can best be started from the village of Ens or Kraggenburg.

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