April 11th - May 5th

Tulip Festival 2020

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Frequently asked questions

When does the Tulip Route start in Noordoostpolder?

The Profytodsd Tulip Festival starts on Friday 19 April and ends on Sunday 5 May 2019.

Are there any costs involved?

Following the tulip routes is free and without obligation. Not all the activities are free however.

Where can I register for the Tulip Routes?

Registration is not required for the Tulip Routes. You can arrive any time and enjoy the 500 different types of tulip.

What are the different routes and where can I find these?

The routes change every year, depending upon how the farmers rotate their plots. The routes can be found here »

How can I follow the Tulip Routes?

The Tulip routes can be followed by car, bike or on foot. Please follow the Tulip Festival Signs along the road.

What activities are organised during the route?

All manner of activities take place during the Profytodsd Tulip Festival, such as trips in an old horse-drawn coach, a mosaic competition, weekend activities at the Tulip Experience field (including helicopter flights) and, as tradition dictates, a scooter route on the last Sunday of the festival: the Level One 11-villages scooter trail. You can peruse the entire agenda here »

Can I enter the tulip fields?

No, you must not enter the tulip fields. However, three special ‘selfie’ fields are available where you can walk into the flowers to take photographs. You will find these at the Tulip Experience field at Creilerpad 14 in Creil. There are also a number of CameraNU.nl photo boards along the route which you can use to create some wonderful photographs.

Why is the Profytodsd Tulip Festival held?

By organising beautiful tulip routes and fun activities we want to introduce national and international visitors to a unique part of the Netherlands. We want visitors to experience Noordoostpolder, with tulips as the connecting theme.

Why do tulips grow so well in Noordoostpolder?

The agricultural land of Flevoland is some of the most fertile in Europe. The reason is that this soil was only reclaimed from the sea during the last century. The sea clay is full of minerals that nurture the tulips.

Who organises the Profytodsd Tulip Festival?

The Profytodsd Tulip Festival is organised by StEP NOP, the organisation for promotions and events in Noordoostpolder.

Can I reach the tulip fields by public transport?

For information on public transport options, have a look at the website 9292.nl You can plan your trip there. Noordoostpolder has no rail connection.

Can I rent a bicycle?

It is not possible to rent a bicycle in Noordoostpolder. The nearest opportunity to rent a bike is in the nearby village of Lemmer.

Can I follow you on social media?

The Profytodsd Tulip Festival has its own social media accounts.
All the latest news and of course the wonderful experiences people have when visiting the Tulip Festival can be found on these accounts.

The links to our social media accounts are below: